Benefits for Employers and Employees
Benefits for employers
Organizations need healthy and productive people. Employee ill health, passive behaviour, absenteeism and declining productivity are among the main concerns for employers. Stress and substance use continue to be a major cause of illness and decline in employee performance. Factors such as certain psychological conditions, sleep problems, low self-esteem and alcohol abuse affect business performance by reducing productivity while increasing absenteeism. Many of these factors are preventable or changeable for the better.

Employer care of employees through EAP leads to concrete benefits such as:

  • Less absenteeism;
  • Fewer wasted working hours due to personal worries, anxiety and depression;
  • Reducing workplace stress;
  • Increasing employee motivation, loyalty and morale;
  • Improve efficiency and performance at work;
  • Create a sense of community and better emotional health within the company;
  • Better readjustment at work after absences due to illness, maternity, etc. ;
  • Retaining key personnel and attracting professionals from competing companies through the company's good social policy;
  • Building an image as a socially responsible employer.
Benefits for employees
From day-to-day challenges to unexpected crises, PPS is available to help employees and their families in times of need. The service is CONFIDENTIAL for employees. The employer only receives statistical information about the use of the service.

Our counselors can help employees identify, plan and implement changes as well as maintain their mental health and comfort. The Employee Assistance Program is designed to help individuals explore, define and overcome their personal or work-related problems. We have experience in overcoming a wide range of difficulties in achieving work-life balance, as well as supporting the personal development of individual clients.